The Michigan Vietnam Memorial and Hall of Justice

Michigan Vietnam Memorial and Hall of Justice, Photo by David Siwik

by David Siwik, Præteritum Editor

Downtown Lansing has several war memorials honoring the men and women who fought for the United States.  While many of these are on the Capitol Lawn, at the other end of the state government office complex sits the most recent installation, the Michigan Vietnam Memorial.  Juxtaposed the Hall of Justice, it was dedicated on Veterans Day, 2001.  The names of all the men from Michigan who died in the conflict are on the plaques that sit along the long wall making up most of the structure.  There is also a bronze book with the names.

Overlooking the monument is the Michigan Supreme Court, housed in a building complex known as the Hall of Justice.  This modern take on neoclassical municipal architecture contains a glass dome on the outside and sits due west the State Capitol.  In addition to the Court chambers and office of the justices and clerks, the building also contains interpretive displays telling the story of Michigan’s judicial branch of government.

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